Hello Dr Kanhaiya Ji
I remember that my mom came to u when i was in 12th in 2006-2007 and u told mom that put her into glamour related field like fasion designing, molding etc and i start doing work into molding and now i m doing very good i did 1 Movie which is love ka funds, did many shoots with renowned designers, Video album, Achieved many awards etc because of you Doctor ji you always guide us time to time and please do guide us in future also
Thank you very much

Namashkar panditji
I hope all of you are fine there we are okay here I would like to take this time to thank you for all the advice you had given me in past 12 years and everyone of them had come true for example I had asked you about Ankita getting admission in medical college in USA you told me it is going to happened and it did you also told me how Ajay is going to move from where he is it happened when ever I asked about how my school is going to go you said it would be fine i did good every time Thanks for all the advice once again oh about 2 months ago I was really upset and here you had sent the daily horoscope out of the blue I went to mcdonalds to see if I would get a job I did because that is what the horoscope had said thanks pandit Ji

I am thankful for your kind and true advice that you have extended to me during my last few years of lean phase in my career. I really appreciate your mathematics of cosmic stars while making my kundli. I express my gratitude for all you have done to bring my life back on track. Thank you Acharyaji.

Dr. Kanhaiya, you are a life savior. My life was encountering trouble at every level whether it is my work or family. I was so depressed that I was not able to cope up with the situation. Acharyaji helped me out in finding solutions. His predictions went 80 right and his cosmic remedies worked for me at every level. Thank You PanditJi. Without you I would have lost somewhere.

I was very reluctant in going to a panditji to discuss what is going wrong in my life. One mother forced me to meet acharyaji to discuss the ups & downs which I was experiencing. I was stunned when he said the same thing before I explain him the problem. His calculations & predictions were 100% accurate. He even guided me my way out of all troubles. Since that time, I regularly consult acharyaji for everything. Strong recommendations for people who are reluctant to share their life problems, please come and visit him, he is 100% genuine and will definitely guide you for your benefit. Thank you Dr. Kanhaiya

Hi, My name is Sanjay Sharma and I am working as an AGM Corporate Travel in travel industry. I use the services of Dr Kanhaiya ji very frequently because his knowledge on astrology is excellent and even the remedies advised by him are very simple, which can be performed easily without disrupting once daily schedule. I have no doubt in saying that he is the best Pandit/ Astrologer I have ever met, usually all the Pandit ji or Astrologer’s whom we meet in our daily life are self centered but this is not the case with Pandit ji / astrologer Dr Kanhaiya ji. His first and foremost duty is to make sure that anyone who needs helps get the same even if he does not earn anything out of it, which is very rare now a days.In the last I would like to wish him all the best for his future so that he keeps on serving the mankind with his true and kind heart.

Pandet ji kaise ho ap..ap se jo me ne kundli nikalvai thi…ap ne jo bola tha sab sahi nikla..our vaise hi hua..thanks allot…