It is a branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers. It is a part of mysticism that is related to numbers & mathematics to predict a person’s life path. It is not about predicting future but this helps to find a path for the person who is seeking hope in his/her life. This is connected with your date of birth which holds behavioral information about you, your personality, soul urge, etc. It also has an in-depth relevance over finding whether your first/last name has a positive vibration for your life or not.
Jyotishaarya Dr. Kanhaya, an expert in numerology can be of help if you are encountering trouble in your life. By his learning and prediction, he can fill positive vibes in your path by using this technique.

Correct Your Name

Adding or taking out an alphabet in your name can make a huge difference in your cosmic vibrations


Correct Your Company Name

Numerology can help you define an apt name of your company while keeping in mind the company’s future growth prospective


Get Your Lucky Number

check whether your marriage will last long or not See how a small remedy can bring success in your marriage.


Get Your Name Number

This study also defines that which number you have to avoid which adopting or doing any work which could be related to your career, business or life.


Get Your Favorable Number

Identify the numbers which has a positive impact on your life, which would fill accompany your do’s with positive vibration.