Human in their life encounters many difficulties/challenges caused by ill placement of starts/planets as per the birth chart. These stones are prescribed after studying the horoscope of the person and can give relief to the native from potential malefic, if worn in the right finger by keeping in mind the correct method.

  • Why To Wear A Gemstone:

With a long and vast range of divine gems, it is the most essential part of astrology works side by side with a study of horoscope for protecting & pleasing the cosmic effect of certain planet. These stones are born out of variant happenings in earth and are made of chemical matter which has different physical properties and emits different energies with various frequencies resulting in a change in the lives of mortals. These gems are believed to enhance the benefit effects of different planets & stars like:

  • Adding cosmic color to the soul
  • By strengthening some specific aspects of life
  • Blessings of deities

Types Of Stone

1 Garnet Courage And Strength
2 Rutilated Quartz Security, Diplomacy, Self-Confidence
3 Amazonite Communication And Creativity
4 Green Quartz (Aventurine) Balance, Stability, Well Being
5 Aquamarine Peace, Courage And Tolerance
6 Blue Quartz Harmony And Light
7 Amethyst Inner Light And Spirituality
8 Citrine Material Success, Self-Confidence and Intellectuality
9 Rose Quartz HUnconditional Love And Friendship