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Dr. Kanhaya Gairola was born in DevBhoomi of Uttarakhand. He was inclined toward astrology since he got into his senses at the age of 6. He belongs to a family of priests and his father/forefathers were into this profession. He pursued his shastri education (B.A) in Astrology from xxxxx university, M.A in karamkand from LalBahadurShastri University, New Delhi and later he did doctorate (PHD) in astrology from HNBG University, Srinagar, Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Since 1998, acharyaJi is well versed with his practice of astrology, numerology, vaastu, karamkand, color science, gemology, pyramid science and tree science (a new way of astrology). He has travelled over the world (India, U.K, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, South Africa and Australia) to perform several vedic pujas, havans, path’sand katha’s for various occasions. His accurate & to the point predictions & solutions are based over his experience &scientific knowledge which has made his followers, follow him worldwide.
AcharyaJi’s strong sense of prediction & calculation are also been published in several magazines covering the Indian community worldwide. He recently got published in Australia’s Indian community magazine called “Santa Banta”. He is an expert in Vaastu so he makes visits for vaastu consultation for home and businesses. He is a master in making accurate Kundlis, finding the right life partner & astrologically compatible name for you, your business & for new born.


Hello Dr Kanhaiya Ji

I remember that my mom came to u when i was in 12th in 2006-2007 and u told mom that put her into glamour related field like fashion designing, molding etc and i start doing work into molding and now i m doing very good i did 1 Movie which is love ka funds, did many shoots with renowned designers, Video album, Achieved many awards etc because of you Doctor ji you always guide us time to time and please do guide us in future also Thank you very much


Priyanka Khatri



Namashkar panditji

I hope all of you are fine there we are okay here I would like to take this time to thank you for all the advice you had given me in past 12 years and everyone of them had come true for example I had asked you about Ankita getting admission in medical college in USA you told me it is going to happened and it did you also told me how Ajay is going to move from where he is it happened when ever I asked about how my school is going to go you said it would be fine i did good every time Thanks for all the advice once again oh about 2 months ago I was really upset and here you had sent the daily horoscope out of the blue I went to mcdonalds to see if I would get a job I did because that is what the horoscope had said thanks pandit Ji


Alka Badhwar

Lansing, Michigan USA